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Tasks of the Monitoring and Review Committee:

  • Exchange of views between students and teaching staff;
  • Self-assessment and drafting of the “Annual Monitoring and Periodical Review of the Degree Programme” document, which also includes a review of past modifications;
  • Investigation of whether teaching is effective and functional, including a review of the files of each course ("schede insegnamento"), study plans, tutoring and student services; metrics of the degree programme; student satisfaction surveys (whose results the committee takes care of disseminating);
  • Offering the Dean of the degree programme support in collecting, and keeping up to date, all information for the annual review of the degree programme (SUA-CdS);
  • Providing a platform for all bodies involved in teaching-related activities.



  • Gaetano Cardillo
  • Alessia Montano

The committee, whose members are nominated by the Board of the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences based on indications by the Dean, evaluates requests to validate foreign degrees.
Foreign degrees may be validated fully or partially.

  • In case of full validation, the student will be awarded an Italian degree equivalent to their foreign one.
  • In case of partial validation, the student will be offered to enrol in a degree programme equivalent to their foreign one but with a shortened pathway (that is, with a reduced number of courses that will need to be taken). The offer is subject to availability of places in the academic year of reference.

The committee evaluates requests that courses taken in another degree programme be validated, and establishes how many University credits are to be awarded for each past course.
If students apply for being transferred to the Department, the committee will evaluate their previous academic record and draft a rank order for admission on the basis of the current Degree programme regulations.
If requested to do so, the committee can also examine a foreign degree and identify an equivalent study plan.


The University Student-Staff Committees evaluate the design, structure and results of teaching activities for each degree programme. The committees are especially intended to take into consideration the point of view of students. With their focus on degree programmes, the Student-Staff Committees play a complementary role to University-wide bodies such as the Quality Assurance Unit ("Presidio della Qualità") and the Audit Department ("Nucleo di Valutazione").

For the degree programme in Medicine and Surgery, the Student-Staff Committee on Teaching of reference is that of the School of Medicine.

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