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The Student Administration Office will help you with

  • Courses, timetables and graduations.
  • Clerkships and other learning opportunities.


  • Dr. Ilaria BISARO
  • Dr. Manuela BARBERO

Regione Gonzole, 10 - 10043 Orbassano
Phone: (+39) 011/6706169-9415

The Student Registry Office deals with:

  • Enrollments in the Master's Degree and the postgraduate school ("Scuola di Specializzazione");
  • Transfers from one degree program to another within the University of Turin;
  • Transfers to and from another University;
  • Parental leave and medical leave;
  • Graduations;
  • Temporary suspension of study;
  • Interruption of studies;
  • Reimbursement of taxes;
  • Requests for late enrolments and registrations, changes to the piano carriera after the deadline, etc.;
  • Certificates and duplicates;
  • Degree certificates.


Mr. Simone Mattia GALLIO Massimo d'Azeglio, 60 - 10126 Torino
Phone: (+39) 011/6709900
Fax: (+39) 011/6705678

If you need support, you can also contact the Help Desk

The International Office - Hub of Medicine Orbassano and Candiolo offers support to incoming and outgoing students. It supports exchange programmes for study, traineeship and research by the use of fundings for international cooperation and mobility



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