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Rules and regulations

When you are in a university lecture theatre or a seminar room, you should remember that you are part of a community. Being respectful and considerate to others is key in a shared place. Learning and knowledge exchange works best when teachers and students behave politely.

The aim of our studies is not only gaining knowledge and passing exams, but also learning how to live side by side with peers and elders, sharing time and space together, and observe basic rules of social conduct. Let us call them good habits. These will avoid unnecessary tension within the classroom and improve both student-teacher and student-student rapport, as well as facilitate teaching and learning. Good habits boost our self-esteem and confidence and improve our communication skills.


Make sure that you are always on time. Punctuality is a crucial part of your work ethics. This means that all members of the community should be seated and ready when the lecturer begins his or her lesson.


Attendance is compulsory and you should sign the attendance sheet at the beginning of each lecture.


Politeness means being considerate to others. It leads to effective communication and mutual respect. Therefore:

  1. When you need to leave the class early, please tell the lecturer in advance.

  2. If you need to go to the toilets, feel free to do so without asking for permission but please do it as quietly as possible, so as not to disrupt the lecture.

  3. Being rude, aggressive or abusive is not acceptable under any circumstances. Other than that, feel free to ask questions by raising your hands or talking to the lecturer after the lesson, who will gladly address your queries. In fact, you are strongly encouraged to interact with the teacher and ask for help any time something is unclear.

  4. Chatting loudly and goofing around in class is inconsiderate and disrespectful behaviour that will distract or annoy others. Please refrain from doing so.


Packing up when the end of the lesson is near is tempting, but please wait until the teacher is done talking.


We all use devices such as tablets and computers for study purposes. Still, during a lecture they should only be used for learning, note-taking and assignment purposes. Cell phones should be turned off, as they are distracting to your classmates and lecturer.


Eating and drinking should be reserved for lunchtime and breaks between lectures, and should be only done outside the classroom. Garbage of any sort (be it bottles or scraps of paper) should never be left in the classroom.



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