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Quality Control System

The Quality Control System is the set of processes adopted to guarantee the quality of the course programmes at the University of Turin.

For each Degree Course, in accordance with the actions taken by the University to guarantee the quality of teaching and the facilities, a commitment should be undertaken to continuously improve the engagement between students and the representatives of the world of work.

The Quality Control processes implemented by the QC officers in the Artificial Intelligence for Biomedicine and Healthcare programme are:

  • Single Annual Datasheet of the Study Course (SUA CdS): a tool used to plan, self-assess and review the Study Course. It gathers all the information useful for students, families and other stakeholders.
  • Annual Monitoring: comment on the indicators that reveal the career progression of students, the integration of graduates into the world of work and the process of internationalisation, in order to assess its progress being made, also in relation to the national average. Monitoring is conducted annually by the Monitoring and Review Commission of the course of studies, which is composed of teachers and students.
  • Cyclical Review Report, in-depth self-assessment on the overall progress of the Study Course with a view to defining strategies for improvement, outlining the distribution of responsibilities and scheduling interventions. The Cyclical Review is also carried out by the Monitoring and Review Commission.
  • Annual Report by the Joint Teaching Commission, annual monitoring of the courses available, assessment of the quality of teaching, of the student services and the degree of achievement of the goals of the Course of Studies carried out by the Joint Teaching Commission of the School/Department, which is composed of an equal number of students and teachers. The report also suggests improvements that might be made to the courses and Departments in question.

The students are invited to participate actively and constructively in the work of the Monitoring and Review Commission of the Study Course and of the Joint School/Department Teaching Commission; in the event that the Study Course does not avail of elected students, a representative chosen from among the enrolled students will be involved. As well as being represented on the Commissions, it is important that students participate in all the activities of the degree programme (meetings with the enrolled students, career guidance and tutoring, etc.) and that they regularly consult the information contained in the web pages of their own Study Course so as to keep up to date with new developments.

The Quality Control officers of the Study Course are:

  • President of the Study Course. He can nominate a delegate as QC officer;
  • QC officer of the Study Course, if different from the President;
  • Monitoring and Review Commission.

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