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Admission Requirements

The Master's degree course in Articial Intelligence for Biomedicine and Healthcare is open access, however, specific curricular requirements and suitable personal preparation are required to enrol.

In addition, the minimum curricular requirement is to be documented, and it is composed of a university degree or an equivalent/superior degree, containing at least 45 CFU in the following scientific areas:

  • Mathematics (MAT/*)
  • Statistics and statistics models for decision making (SECS-S/*)
  • Economics and statistics (SECS-P/05)
  • Informatics and engineering (INF/01, ING-INF/*)
  • Physics (FIS/01-02)
  • Biology (BIO/*)
  • Medicine (MED/*)

All the students will be tested on the prerequisite knowledge and skills. The test will be composed of a written part and an oral interview.

The written part will be identical for all the incoming students, independently from the CFU previously obtained nor the previously obtained university degree. 

The following topics will be subject of examination during the test:

  • Fundaments of informatics and principles of structured programming
  • Computer architecture, software, and operating systems
  • Computer networks, internet, protocols
  • Relational database: entity-relationship model, logical design, SQL


All the students who obtained a university degree taught in English or at least 1CFU L-LIN/12 will be considered as in possess of a B2 or higher certification of language. All the other students can present a TOEFL/IBT, Academic IELTS, Cambridge English: FIRST-FCE, or similar certifications.

The candidates who do not fit in these two described situations will be evaluated for their English competence during the oral interview of the pre-admission.


  • Dicember 6, 2023 Written test and interview -> 2:30 p.m. in the Computer Room of the San Luigi  Hospital Teaching Hub (Regione Gonzole 10 Orbassano)


In order to prepare for the admission test, here follows the suggested bibliography:

  • Dennis P. Curtin, Kim Foley, Kunal Sen, Cathleen Morin Information Technology: The Breaking

Wave, McGraw-Hill College, 1998, ISBN 0076014886, 978007601488

  • Walter Savich, Java, An intronduction to problem solving and programming. Chapters 1-6

  • David Patterson, John Hennessy, Computer Organization and Design RISC-V Edition, 2nd

Edition - December 11, 2020, Paperback ISBN: 9780128203316, eBook ISBN: 9780128245583


  • Kurose - K. Ross, Computer Networking: A Top-Down approach featuring the Internet. 6/e

Pearson - Addison Wesley




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